This is an archived event recorded live during the 2017 National African American MSM Leadership Conference
on HIV/AIDS and Other Health Disparities (NAESM Conference)

Archive will be available until March 31st, 2017

Black gay men face many stressors living within and working on the front lines of the HIV epidemic. Evolving models of trauma-informed care emphasize the need to support the mental health and self-care needs of black gay men in this unique role.

Please join us to explore the actions that individuals and organizations can take to foster health and healing in black gay men.

Together we can help stop the virus. The plenary program and webcast are sponsored by Gilead Sciences.

The NAESM conference provides education, networking and leadership development for young black gay men, academics, advocates and social service providers addressing HIV and other health disparities impacting the health of black gay men. The conference is sponsored by the National AIDS Education and Services for Minorities (NAESM).

Executive Director

Yolo Akili Robinson is an advocate for emotional health and a writer. He is also the founder and executive director of BEAM, an organization whose vision is, 'a world where there are no barriers to black healing.' Through BEAM, Yolo leads the cultivation of creative strategies and programs that address and support black emotional health through a social justice lens.

Yolo is the author of - Dear Universe: Letters of Affirmation & Empowerment For All Of Us - and has spoken at numerous colleges and universities.

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